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The location : The Red Light District.

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Several years ago, the U. Justice Department commissioned a survey of prostitution in eight major U. Some Miami findings:. Most enforcement efforts these days focus on services advertised online — most particularly on human trafficking.

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In Broward County, which has a population of 1. Miami- Dade County police, who cover 1. All of Hillsborough — 1.

They come from other counties. Last year, a federal judge in south Florida sentenced yearold Spanish immigrant Miguel A. He imported women from Spain, Colombia, Venezuela and Latin America to complement his Miami-area women, buying the women plane tickets and helping them with immigration paperwork and through Customs.

Hernandez already had been sentenced to six years in prison in Spain for immigration fraud but skipped to the United States without serving his sentence. He prostituted at least three minors. Justice Department released in Taking the business online is easier, pays better and is safer in terms of assaults and arrests for prostitutes than streetwalking.

Prostitution: a florida snapshot

Florida Gov. DeSantis also ed SBa bill passed last month that would permanently handcuff what both governors and local mayors can do amid pandemics. Small businesses are at miami heart of the Central Florida community. They've also been among those impacted the prostitute during the pandemic. Fort Lauderdale appears to be missing get on many of the companies moving to South Florida during the pandemic — with a of them instead landing in West Palm Beach and Miami.

Petersburg serial entrepreneur is the driving force behind a Toronto-based tech company moving its headquarters. It's been years, decades even, since a White Castle restaurant last satisfied cravers' appetites for burger sliders in Florida. Earlier Videos Viewpoints FloridaTrend. May 3, Enforcement of prostitution laws varies where throughout Florida. The migration of the sex trade online actually makes it easier to track, law enforcement officials say. You know why?

Prostitution problem

Florida's Vice Economy Prostitution: A Florida snapshot Most enforcement efforts these days focus on services advertised online — most particularly on human trafficking. A Florida Snapshot Several years ago, the U. Some Miami findings: Street prostitutes in Miami shifted dramatically from U. Some had H2B visas, the visas for workers U. International crime networks, which local law enforcement lacks the resources to pursue, controlled the prostitute flow.

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They were family-run rather than operated by criminal networks. Prostitutes tended to be women who worked voluntarily but likely came to the U. Their route to Florida followed that of migrant farmworkers, their primary clients. Police find online prostitution easier to track.

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Massage parlors were run by Chinese nationals, were highly organized and had direct links to China. Chinese prostitutes displaced Hispanic sex workers in the massage business. Such parlors operated throughout urban and suburban south Florida.

Many pimps were former drug dealers who found pimping more lucrative and safer from arrest. Pimps networked socially with each other, keeping tabs on law enforcement, were knowledgeable about the conviction rate of particular prosecuting attorneys and made their plea decisions accordingly and were savvy about holding property in their own names. They competed over things like who had the biggest ring, but not violently.

Most enforcement efforts these days focus on services advertised online — most particularly on human trafficking.

Off the Street Most enforcement efforts these days focus on services advertised online — most particularly on human trafficking. Also on FloridaTrend. Market Update DOW 34, Central Florida businesses looking for reboot from pandemic Small businesses are at the heart of the Central Florida community.

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As businesses flock to South Florida, has Fort Lauderdale fallen behind in luring them? Pete A St. Florida White Castle set to open Monday. Ballot Box What are you most looking forward to post-pandemic? They are easy to read on any device, and always filled with timely news, insights and analysis. Now you can read Florida Trend anytime and anywhere.

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