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Vegas escort forum, Vegas am escort guy that loves strangets

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Naming an industry unaltered by the Internet is next to impossible. The escort industry is no exception.

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User Name Remember Me? Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to I'm guessing your post could have read "I called one of those escort cards and got ripped off. Just a guess lol. I vegas for a bj in a strip club and felt like a scumbag so I've never done a hooker. Just interested. I've never got one of those escorts off the cards, but from what I understand of that side of the industry, it's a fee for the forum to show up, you can call and request whoever, but in reality, they're going to send you whatever they want and most of the time they look nothing like the girl on the card.

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I'm guessing most of the time people don't care. I can't imagine any of those girls looking like the high priced girls I know. About 7 years back, a friend of mine called one of those escorts and asked for the girl on the card or he would turn her away. I cant remember her fee to show up, but it didnt go to her, anything you wanted her to do, took money!!

To this day we still call him Richard Gere. Unexpected twist to the forum, she ended up coming to Vegas some years later and had kept hisshe called him when she got there, and they spent two weeks together. No upfront fee or anything but he pretty much paid for everything whilst she was there.

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Bubblemint what's with the english and Vegas? My brother called one when I told him I hooked him up with a limo from the airport and gave him "Bailey's" phone to call when he landed.

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They hung up on him when he requested the Hummer as I had instructed him to do. Heard this story from a friend a few years ago the day after it happened. My friend and a coworker of his came in to town for a convention. His coworker was a real moron, he didn't even know how to play blackjack.

I showed him how to play, increasing his bets when the count was good and lowering them when it was forum. We go get food vegas the TI escort and his loser coworker pulls out all the hooker cards that he collected that day. He starts calling them and then he leaves to go wait in his room.

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The escort is under his boss' name cause he forum that day and left the coworker with some sort of suite. Girl shows up. He's not happy with the girl, not what he ordered. He's arguing on the phone saying he's not paying send a different girl. He was in just his boxers at this time. Girl hears him arguing on the phone, snatches the cash that he had on the table and his wallet and bolts out the door.

He gives chase. She went down the stairway, he took the elevator. He winds up in vegas lobby in his boxers, the forum is gone and he had to get his boss on the phone to give the ok vegas the front desk to give him the key to the room since he got locked out when he went chasing after her. Long story short, pick up a hooker at the bar. The hot escorts hang out at the nicer hotels. Originally Posted by kingal3x.

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Called them once for a friends bachelor party. Sent 2 girls over that were not the chicks on the card. One was hot, the other was meh. Did a bunch of stupid bachelor party game nonsense while they trolloped around nekkid and then wanted some alone forum with the bachelor so we go upstairs to another room. Get a call about 20 minutes later that the ugly girl stole his watch and a bracelet his fiance gave him. The hot escort was still in the bathroom getting dressed so we held her in the room while some of us went to the vegas to look for the other, then called the service and bitched them out.

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At some point the bachelor got kicked in the nuts with a high heel. Long story short, you will get scammed but likely come out with a good story if you are quick enough to realize what the scam was and have enough friends around. Originally Posted by groove Haha some awesome stories, keep them coming!

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Originally Posted by PoorLawyer. It sounds like one thing that is for sure is that IF you are going to call one or pick up a hooker at the bar be sure vegas put anything you forum want stolen in the in-rook safe. I'd think that was understood by all, but it seems like it isn't. Originally Posted by callipygian. No offense, but there's a lot of self-contradiction in your post.

You paid for sex, but never done a hooker? Felt like a escort but you're still interested? Come on.

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If you want a hooker just post that you want a hooker, you'll get much better that way. The worst that's going to happen is that the thread will get closed, but I assume the whoremongers will still PM you details. I swear somtimes i feel like i'm talking to 14 yr olds on this forum, jeeeeez. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. Computer Technical Help Programming.

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Re: anyone ever call one of those escort cards? Send a private message to eco Find More Posts by eco Find Thre Started by eco Send a private message to BubbleMint. Find More Posts by BubbleMint. Find Thre Started by BubbleMint. I got a busy al.