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Spanking escorts are full service companions — meaning that they provide sexual services — who specialise in spanking sessions. Spanking escorts are very often submissivebut this is far from a hard and fast rule!

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So you want to go all fifty shades on our horny London girls? Or you want them to go fifty shades on you. Whatever your kink, our escorts do enjoy a good spanking — whether they are giving or receiving.

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Do you want to be in charge?

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Give a little discipline? Then soft spanking receiving escorts are here for you.

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These delectable beauties love it when a date night ends with a few red marks. For the best soft spanking escorts London has to offer, see our huge roster below. Read less.

Spanking receiving london escorts

But with soft spanking escorts, the roles are reversed. Soft spanking receiving escorts are happy to indulge in a little light bondage play. Think more mischievous than total disobedience.

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Think more playful than extreme. Soft spanking is never painful and should be an enjoyable bit of roleplay for everyone involved.

Spanking escorts

Keep it light, keep it in the realm of teasing rather than outright discipline. A lot of gentlemen love taking charge in a dominant-submissive scenario. It provides an exhilarating feeling of power, no matter how light the actual act of discipline is.

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Likewise, not many escorts are willing to take a hard spanking — especially when their whole job requires showing off their backsides. Leaving any lasting marks is an absolute no-no, so be sure not to hit too hard. Remember, soft spanking escorts need to look good at all times.

Likewise, be careful with the use of restraints.

London soft spanking receiving escorts

Not everyone is comfortable being restrained, especially by a stranger. Also remember that soft spanking are usually always carried out with hands.

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Please note that this is for soft spanking receiving only. While several escorts may double as spanking giving escorts, always check prior to booking. Please for our spanking giving.

Spanking escorts london girls

Soft spanking receiving escorts are the kind of girls who enjoy a little role play too. Soft spanking a naughty schoolgirl for handing in her homework late?

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Soft spanking your secretary for not doing what you asked. Whatever scenario you can conjure up, you can act it out with a soft spanking escort. For all of the fun and none of the consequences, spend an evening with a soft spanking receiving escort tonight.

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. I agree. Gallery Escorts who provide Soft spanking receiving service.

Spanking (giving)

London Soft Spanking Receiving escorts. Now available. Earl's Court. Gloucester Road.

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Membership offer. Marinella - everything you would expect and desire from her photos and way more! Alima - make sure you have enough energy to cope with everything she wants to do to you! High Street Kensington. Combining soft locks with dangerous green eyes, Anoelle is one of the most enticing Divas!

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Anora - Incredibly pretty lady with a lovely smile and a body to die for. Highly Recommended! Blanka - she will make you feel the most wanted and desired man in the entire universe! Warren Street.

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Damila - everything you would expect and desire from her photos and way more! Edgware Road. Dinastia - she has the most fantastic body you could ever wish to see