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English translation edited by Christine F. Salazar Antiquity and Francis G. Metzler since The encyclopaedic coverage and high academic standard of the work, the interdisciplinary and contemporary approach and clear and accessible presentation have made the New Pauly the unrivalled modern reference work for the ancient world.

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Special emphasis is given to the interaction between Greco-Roman culture on the one hand, and Semitic, Celtic, Germanic, and Slavonic culture, and ancient Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on the other hand. The section on the Classical Tradition is uniquely concerned with the long and influential aftermath of antiquity and the process of continuous reinterpretation and revaluation of the ancient heritage, including the history of classical scholarship.

Many entries are elucidated with maps and illustrations and the English edition will include updated bibliographic references. Subscriptions: see brill. Indian king in Diod.

Sub-department 43

He was described to Alexander [4] as the most powerful king in the Ganges valley. It is therefore probably Nandrus, the last king of the Nanda dynasty in Indian sources, that is meant Nandas. The in Just.

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In the Byzantine city of the same name no remains suggesting Antiquity have been discovered; it was on the Via Egnatia Nikephoros Gregoras ,24; ,19 ; modern Xanthi. Thracian people Hecat.

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FGrH 1 Fwhose location cannot be determined; mentioned in Str. HN 7,; Fest. In BC X. In Aristoteles [6] X. In the spring of X. According to Hdt. Presumably it was a cult of the Syrian goddess Astarte, i.

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It is uncertain whether it can be identified with a temple of Aphrodite or Selene mentioned in Str. Quack, Joachim Berlin Bibliographie 1 A. Yoyotte, P. BC Greek historian and geographer probably in the 3rd cent. FGrHmentioned by Dion.

It is unclear whether he was identical to X. He wrote a chronicle that included Egypt F 1 and the west, esp.

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Sicily F 12; 14; 15; 17; 18probably Italy i. Rome as well if F 29 is a part of the chronicle in at least 4 bks. It cove….

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According to Plin. Hild, Friedrich Vienna Bibliographie A. Delatte, Les Portulans grecs, F. Hild, H. Treidler, s. Auteur s : Cartledge, Paul A. Originally, a xenagos was a high-ranking Spartan officer deated to take overall command of the troops of an allied city Xen.

The post of xenagoswhich is first documented for the opening phase of the Peloponnesian War in BC: Thuc.

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BC Comedy writer of the probably late 4th cent. Eight play titles quite typical of this period and 14 fragments have been preserved exclusively in Athenaeus [3]. After unofficial negotiations with the Boeotians and the Corinthians, the two managed to conclude a special a….

The first xenelasia is supposed to have been the expulsion of Maeandrius [1] of Samos Hdt. Prominent citizen of Locri [2] in Lower Italy.

Later he held X. Dion 3, Meister, Klaus Berlin. A Greek rite of central importance in which, as an alternative to a customary sacrifice, gods and heroes of all kinds were invited to a public or private sacrificial meal.

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Smaller sacrificial offerings such as fruit and cakes were put on the 'tables o…. Proto-sceptic philosopher of the 5th cent.

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Sextus [2] Empiricus the only source repeatedly cites him, together with other philosophers who rejected a criterion of truth and falsehood S. Public action for arrogation of Athenian citizenship.