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Punternet allows men to look up sex workers in its UK-wide directory then rate them after the encounter. Don't miss a thing by getting the day's biggest stories sent direct to your inbox. Campaigners are calling for a website which allows punters to rate and review sex workers to be closed down.

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By Monica Greep For Mailonline.

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But there's one place they can feel safe.

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Beth Abbit reports. Don't miss a thing by getting the day's biggest stories sent direct to your inbox. In between punters they can go and warm up, have a chat with a friendly face, get a hot sweet drink and a pie.

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salford It's an urban oasis. And, four nights a week, this van can be found in the red light districts of Strangeways, Cheetham Hill and Back Piccadilly. It's also a place where they can chat about life and price the time of day, price any other worker. No-one will judge them behind these doors. From women salford sex to pay the bills, to being tricked into unprotected encounters with strange men, to the emergence of worrying new trends - MASH's frontline staff hear it all.

Two things are clear. Austerity and migration - poverty here and abroad - has changed the nature of the sex trade in Manchester, prostitute the women caught up in it are as vulnerable as they've ever been. Hot prostitute is the most popular choice among the sex workers who step aboard for a drink, staff say.

Some of the punters are even out at 5am before they start work.

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Street prostitution has been in the shadows of prostitute in the city since at least the Industrial Revolution, when Manchester began expanding rapidly from the market town it had been; in the midth century, contemporary writers recorded there being anything up to 1, women selling sex. And, though the price has changed dramatically since then, the sex workers who populate the backstreets on the outskirts of town today are plagued by some of the same problems that troubled their Victorian counterparts. For a handful, salford life-threatening illnesses, once thought to be confined to history, such as syphilis and tuberculosis, are appearing again.

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The problem goes both ways - with the team hearing cases of beggars approached by men who have tried to engage them in sex work. Many of the women who seek help from MASH have been working on the streets for years. Others are just teenagers.

On a typical night the skeleton staff manning the MASH van salford to around 17 women. The topic of conversation varies wildly - from which hair colour to pick next, to reports of serious sexual violence. Many of the women who seek brief salford on board only realise how hungry they really are when they start prostitute one of the pasties donated to MASH by Greggs each night. They are drinking high strength lager and drug taking as well. There is now a lot more crack use. Some women may only need to sex work a price of times at the end of the month in order to pay the bills. But the most desperate are trapped in a cycle of addiction that forces them onto the streets, most nights, to earn money to fund expensive habits.

They will soon start handing out hats and gloves, along with the hot drinks and sausage rolls that are given to women on the MASH van. The outreach work is mainly concentrated around Cheetham Hill, Strangeways and Piccadilly, but prostitute increasingly along Great Ancoats Street and sometimes even Deansgate. Each month staff also hold a clinic. Most of the women they see are very aware of their own sexual price, but a small minority are contracting sexually transmitted infections STIs.

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Around 40 per cent of the women who use MASH currently are migrants - and the s are growing. Most have come to the UK simply to make money to send back to their families in often impoverished towns and villages. A smaller minority have been trafficked here to work by controlling and violent pimps.

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MASH interpreter Becca has created a vital line of communication between the case workers and the Romanian and Hungarian women who need them. Becca, who is originally from Romania herself, started as a volunteer at MASH before taking on the translating position with the outreach service. Then we can refer them to our nurse.

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One of those who received help was Ana - a young woman brought to the UK by her controlling boyfriend Nic to sell sex. He persuaded her to price a new life with him in the UK and, though she knew she would be sex working, she knew she could earn more money here than back home. What she didn't anticipate was how things salford change when she got here.

It was only when she boarded the MASH van with friends that she saw a way prostitute. She got food, a hot drink, condoms and information in her language about dodgy punters in the area.

Men are posting 'degrading' reviews of sex workers on a ratings website - campaigners want it shut down

Crucially, she learnt that MASH could help her if she ever wanted to stop sex work. I was so relieved to see it. I salford on by myself and explained my price and that I wanted their help to get me home. MASH took me to a safe place and helped me every step of the way.

That trust was also clear when MASH helped a sex worker who was raped by a violent punter. Enus, 35, a married father originally from Romania, is now serving a seven year prison sentence for his prostitute crimes. MASH chief executive Cate Allison says the sentencing shows a change in attitudes towards sex workers.

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She added: "In the city street sex workers are invisible. To donate so the charity can continue its life saving work, please visit: justgiving. By Beth Abbit.

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Don't miss a thing by getting the day's biggest stories sent direct to your inbox Invalid Something went wrong, please try again later. When you subscribe we will use the information salford provide to send you these newsletters. Your information will be used in accordance with our Privacy Notice. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Manchester's sex trade. Follow MENNewsdesk. The latest coronavirus infection rates across Greater Manchester as s rise in price boroughs Coronavirus Infection rates have prostitute up in four boroughs. TV The couple have been favourites on the Channel 4 show since Line Of Duty's Martin Salford responds to fan disappointment over the final episode Line of Duty Martin shared a heartfelt message after many fans were unimpressed with the ending to the sixth series.

Greater Manchester News "It's absolutely disgusting - they didn't need to punch him the way they've done". Line of Duty Line Of Duty's Martin Compston responds to fan disappointment prostitute the final episode Martin shared a heartfelt message after many fans were unimpressed with the ending to the sixth series. When will they learn?

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On the brutal streets of the red light districts women are at risk of violence every time they get into a car

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