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This is a test of how masculine or feminine your personality is. Thus, your final score will be a probability telling you how many people with your personality are estimated to be male or female. In fact, research has shown that the way you are raised has an effect on the gender diagnosticity of your personality.

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The rich complexity of the concepts of masculinity and femininity has been reflected in personality measures in at least two different ways: by employing a variety of subscales with comparatively homogeneous items or by using a single scale with comparatively heterogeneous items.

Spence, R. Helmreich, and J. Strapp, Participants were undergraduates in introductory psychology courses. showed that femininty Concern for Others and masculinity Dominance ed for personal of the variance, but for PAQ, questionnaires of male- and female-valued items i. In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the volume of empirical research directed toward the issue of sex-roles, including the development of evaluative instruments such as the Attitudes Toward Women Scale AWS and the Personal Attributes Questionnaire PAQ.

Personal History Questionnaire. A questionnaire given to cartographic technicians at U. A few questions from the personal questionnaire see TM were included, such as sex, age, and GS level. Additional questions deal attribute parents' education and occupation, technicians' English language facility, level of education reached, and several….

Construction of a questionnaire describing personality traits connected to the occurrence and persistence of neurotic disorders. Responses of patients before treatment and persons from the control group on items of the constructed personality questionnaire and the symptom checklist "0". Analyses of subscales attribute and item-scale correlations, test-retest and split-half reliability.

Factor analyses estimating internal reliability of the questionnaire. Cross-validation with the KO"0". Validity analyses indicate a large probability that the X-KON coefficient informs on personality dysfunctions related to neurotic disorders. The Neurotic Personality Questionnaire KON may serve to estimate personality traits connected to the occurrence and persistence of neurotic disorders as well as changes resulting from psychotherapy. In Study 1,…. Objectives: To de a valid and reliable questionnaire to assess perceived attributes of technology-based health education innovations.

Methods: College students in 12 personal health courses reviewed a prototype eHealth intervention using online item instrument based upon diffusion theory's perceived attributes of an innovation. Patient preference to use a questionnaire varies online to attributes. Health care professionals may assume questionnaires are burdensome to patients, and this limits their use in clinical settings and promotes simplification.

However, patient adherence may improve by optimizing questionnaire attributes and contexts.

Personal attributes questionnaire

This cross-sectional survey used Contingent Valuation methods to directly elicit patient preference for conventional monitoring of symptoms, versus adding a tool to monitoring. In the questionnaireattributes of ESAS were sequentially altered to try and force preference reversal. A separate group of participants completed both questionnaire and interviews to explore questionnaire reliability, and extend validity. Overall, 24 of 43 participants preferred using ESAS. Most important attributes to preference were frequency, specificity, and complexity.

Where preference is initially against ESAS, it may reverse by simplifying the tool and its administrative processes. Interviews in 10 additional participants supported reproducibility and validity of the questionnaire method. Preference for using tools increases when tools are made relevant and used more appropriately.

Questionnaires completed by patients as screening tools or aids to communication may be under-utilized.

Masculinity/femininity test

Optimization of ESAS and similar tools may be guided by empirical findings, including those obtained from Contingent Valuation methodologies. All rights reserved. Development and Validation of the Masculine Attributes Questionnaire. PubMed Central. The questionnaire of this study was to develop a personal and empirically grounded measure of masculine attributes for sexual health research with African American young men.

Convergent and discriminant validity of the MAQ were assessed by examining the associations of masculinity attributes with psychosocial factors. Criterion validity was assessed by examining the extent to which online MAQ subscales predicted sexual risk behavior outcomes. Consistent with study hypotheses, the MAQ was composed of online reputation-based attributes oriented toward sexual prowess, toughness, and authority-defying behavior and b respect-based attributes oriented toward economic independence, socially approved levels of hard work and education, and committed romantic relationships.

Reputation-based attributes were associated positively with street code and negatively related to academic orientation, vocational engagement, and self-regulation, whereas respect-based attributes were associated positively with academic and vocational orientations and self-regulation. Finally, reputation-based attributes predicted sexual risk behaviors including concurrent sexual partnerships, multiple sexual partners, marijuana use, and incarceration, net of the influence of respect-based attributes.

Consistent with Whitehead's theory, the MAQ items were hypothesized to comprise two components representing reputation-based and respect-based attributes. The development of the MAQ provides a new measure that permits systematic quantitative investigation of the associations between African American men's masculinity ideology and sexual risk behavior. We aimed to personal the profile of interpersonal attributions in BPD. We hypothesized that patients show more mono-causal and internal attributions than healthy controls. BPD patients and controls differed ificantly in their attributional questionnaire.

Patients displayed more mono-causal inferences, that is, they had difficulties considering alternative explanatory factors.

For negative events, patients made more internal attributions compared to healthy controls. We concluded that mono-causal "trapped" thinking might contribute to interpersonal problems in BPD patients by fostering impulsive consequential behaviors, for example, harming one's self or others. A self-blaming tendency likely promotes depressive symptoms and low questionnaire. Development and attribute of an attributional style questionnaire for adolescents. In Study 1, the personal pool of 87 items was reduced to Study 2 further analyzed the 54 scale items and revealed that the Internality, Stability, and Globality subscale scores had good reliability, good factorial construct validity, and satisfactory associations online maladaptive mood ratings.

Personal attributes questionnaire.

In Study 3, the regression analyses showed good and specific predictive validities of ASQ-A subscales for the attributions that the adolescents made about a particular real-life stressful situation. Study 4 showed that over an 8-month period the changes in the Stability and Globality subscales depended on the intensity of stressful life events experienced in this period. Overall, the studies revealed that the new ASQ-A served as an appropriate instrument to assess attributional questionnaire online adolescents.

The causes attributed to childhood health and illness across cultures cultural health attributions are key factors that are now more frequently identified as affecting the health outcomes of children. Research suggests that the causes attributed to an event personal as attribute are thought to affect subsequent motivation, emotional response, decision making, and behavior.

To date, there is no measure of health attributions appropriate for use with parents of pediatric patients. Using the Many-Facets approach to Rasch analysis, this study assesses the psychometrics of a newly developed instrument, the Pediatric Health Attributions Questionnaire Pedi-CHAQa measure deed to assess the cultural health attributions of parents in diverse communities. A shortened version of the questionnaire was developed as a result of this study and next steps are discussed. Personal resource questionnaire : a systematic review.

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Social support is a key nursing variable. No review has yet systematically assessed the effectiveness of the personal resource questionnaire PRQ as a measure of perceived social support. Studies that reported PRQ scores, sample descriptions, and sample sizes and that tested the relationship between the PRQ and study variables were included in the present review. Three other studies were included that did not report on PRQ correlations with other health variables.

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The included studies addressed a variety of health problems and different population in different settings. Cronbach's alphas for the included studies ranged from. Hypothesized relationships between the PRQ and study variables including health promotion behavior, self-care behavior, self-efficacy, self-esteem, stress, depression, loneliness, pain, and disability were supported, providing positive evidence for PRQ construct validity.

Included studies used the PRQ to address disparate populations in terms of age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and educational background. This review found the PRQ to be a reliable and valid tool for measuring perceived social support across a wide range of populations. Further studies are necessary to examine the relationship between social support and selected demographics among populations with different cultural backgrounds.

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Kubota, Jennifer T. The FAE occurs in part because dispositional explanations are relatively automatic, whereas considering the situation requires additional cognitive effort. Stress is known to impair the prefrontal cortex and executive functions important for the attribute process. We investigated if stress increases dispositional attributions in common place and legal situations. These findings online that stress may makes people more likely to commit the FAE and less favorable in their evaluations of others both in daily life and when making socially consequential judicial decisions.

Little is known about levels of personal growth attributed by attributes to typical college life experiences. This paper questionnaires two studies of student self-reported and personal growth and compares growth online across populations. Both studies measure student attributions of cause to personal and non-academic experiences, respectively. Employees face a variety of work demands that place a premium on personal attributessuch as the degree to which they can be depended on to work independently, deal with stress, and interact positively with coworkers and customers.

We examine evidence for the importance of these personality attributes using research strategies intended to answer three fundamental questions, including a how well does employees' standing on these questionnaires predict job performance? We summarize and integrate from these three strategies using the Big Five personality dimensions as our organizing framework.

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