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Male escort requirements, I'm requirement femme that escorts male

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Home Find Escorts More Cities. Up Now Become an Escort. Please read the following information On MintBoys, clients pay escorts for time only, not for sex. That means: Keep your clean! No sex talk or anything that implies having sex. No prostitution or offering sex for money.

Years old I am 21

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I had a few female friends who said I should give it a try.

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Just prior to becoming an escort I was a personal trainer. I still do some personal training on the side but most of my income now comes from escorting. I do get timewasters contacting me wanting to meet for free, or for very, very little money.

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I now have quite a few different outfits to cover most occasions. I have an and a mobile set up especially for existing and new clients.

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I never hand out my personal phone. If I wanted to have sex with a client, this would be a private matter between me and the individual. If you look at internet dating as an example, probably 10 years ago, pre-Tinder, lots of people did internet dating but no one really admitted to it.

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I think it will be a similar thing with escorting. Now, people would probably only admit to using escorts to their close friends.

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Most of my friends know and none of them have an issue with it — if anything most of them are jealous! I think the biggest difference is safety. The worst thing is the timewasters. I think that this kind of thing has less stigma now.

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I think people are more comfortable trying new things and understanding that women have the same needs as men than they used to be. I strongly believe that the demand will continue to grow. Obviously it puts some people off straight away, but others are fine with it. Really just depends how open-minded they are.

Male escort tips

How did you decide to be a male escort? How much do you charge? Do you have a personal grooming routine?

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What is the best way for a client to approach you? Do you think the stigma towards sex work is changing?

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How do you think your experience in this job differs from that of female sex worker? Is demand for your service increasing and why do you think that is? Do you tell partners what you do and how do they feel about it?


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