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My masculine figure, strong arms, furry chest and English accent, will leave no doubt that I am a true man. He is very very laid back and easy going.

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He means to be cute.

You mean to be cute too when you lift your corset top, exposing your bare-breasted body to him and to a escort of people. Onlookers cheer and howl while your dear date betroths a giant strand of male, gold, and green-colored be around your neck. As you open your eyes louisiana your mask, you see a bedazzled float approach on the Bourbon Street parade route where you stand. Lo and behold, you discover the baby rests in your piece!

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As a result, you shall host a King Cake Party next year! As part of a Sandwich Generation, you feel trapped between the responsibilities of caring for both your children and for your aging parents. You meet your New Orleans Male Companion at Central Grocery in the French Quarter for some light fare, or traditional New Orleans sandwiches, which are a fitting tribute to your current station in life.

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He is an obvious elite male escort. To the contrary, he is a man who possesses a wealth of attributes, ranging from his ability to look at you with a charming smile to his ability to sing in your ear a sexy melody that gets you excited.

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You order your food and insist that your date take a bite of your overflowing Muffaletta. You two finally stroll in and out of nearby shops like Rendezvous and Trashy Diva to get a better lay of the land and to officially take a bite out of a different lifestyle.

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As an Angel for the night, you feel a supernatural allegiance toward none other than: the Saints! So you head to the Mercedes Benz Superdome where you will cheer for the Saints football team. But, the moment when you believe you have truly found heaven is when you meet your beautiful and immaculately-dressed New Orleans Male Companion, who s you for the game.

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Within moments of hitting the square, you encounter a street performer, across from Decatur Street, conducting his act alongside a giant mirror. You accidentally catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and notice the entirety of your lips and black shirt are covered in white, powdered sugar.

Yet, you notice, your dear date miraculously manages to maintain his pristine appearance.

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Even an Angel can dream about meeting her Cowboy male escort. As a woman who has to constantly be in charge, you crave your New Orleans Male Companion to be your commander for the evening.

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Over the course of conversation, you hand over your proverbial keys to him for a relaxing ride, which you also experience via the St. Charles Avenue streetcar after dinner. Your chivalrous date braces your body, steadying you as the streetcar winds its way through the breathtaking mansions of the American Sector, ending, finally male where you started, near the famous Lafayette Cemetary No.

Sitting at the circular, revolving bar at Carousel Piano Bar and Lounge, you sip a Gin Fizz and double-take louisiana drop dead gorgeous New Orleans Male Companion, who is sitting due opposite you, sipping a Sazerac escort smirking at you.

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You chat for hours until you circle back to your room upstairs within Hotel Monteleone. You clean up and share the late afternoon by shopping in the Carrollton-Riverbend neighborhood of Uptown New Orleans.

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The next morning, still feeling animalistic, you gallivant through the Audubon Zoo. Your date concludes over brunch at nearby Patois, where he orders the Croque Monsier and you order the Croque Madame. Home Company Cowboys Placeholder. for Employment View All Blog Entries. For Employment.