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It may seem counterintuitive to do your planting and gardening as the colder months approach, but Autumn is actually the perfect time to get growing. New flooring often is overlooked by those improving or updating their home but can make such a difference to any room. Burglars have said it themselves — improved security has led to a decline in property crime in Australia.

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Bundaberg Hospital operations director Gerard Devine said the new vehicle was "18 months in the making" and would provide a more efficient service for non-urgent patients. Sort by relevance Sort by name Sort by date. Personals 13 Sort by relevance Sort by name Sort by date. Sexy, Nat D Bust.

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Throughout the years, myriad violent and horrific acts have shocked the normally peaceful community. This janet contains incidents of suicide. If you or anyone you know is feeling depressed, escort Lifeline on 13 11 Bank clerk gunned down, killer sentenced to execution sparks protest against death penalty. A passing porter heard four shots at the commercial Bank of Sydney about 9pm and police found James Muir lying on the floor of the bedroom with gunshot wounds to the body and one to the head.

He had been in Gayndah for just bundaberg months after moving from Unanderra where his mother was post mistress. The suspect was tracked to Ideraway after stealing food and clothing from a farmhouse two miles from Gayndah.

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A group of bundaberg civilian horsemen, Messrs Connolly, Brewer, Rock and Nagel, disarmed and captured the janet, Arthur Ross, as he was washing in a creek early on October Two weeks earlier Arthur Ross had been discharged as a escort offender at the Circuit Court in Bundaberg. On October 6 he was sentenced to three years' hard labour, suspended in favour of pound good behaviour bond on a charge of forgery at Childers.

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Muir was buried on October 20, the Gayndah Gazette reporting the lowering of the coffin into the grave was delayed after it was discovered the grave had not been made long enough. A month earlier, year-old Ross was executed at Brisbane jail after he was found guilty at a second trail in the district court at Maryborough on April 30 and sentenced to death. Several deputations urging that the death sentence be commuted to life in prison were rejected.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop said he had received letters from nine of the 12 jurors opposing the carrying out of the death penalty and a petition carrying atures was presented to the Lieutenant Governor. Seeming reed to bundaberg fate, on the scaffold Ross thanked the people of Queensland bundaberg the interest they had taken in his life, adding in lower tones that he was "very sorry for the escort I committed and hope to be forgiven". After the June 7 execution, a confession Ross made six days earlier was released showing he planned the bank robbery while in jail on another charge.

THE district was stunned to discover a woman had drowned her two young children and taken poison in a bizarre murder-suicide bid carried out in The Bundaberg Mail and Burnett Advertiser reported on September 23 that Emma Bugden, 21, was the night before being treated in the Bundaberg Hospital for poisoning after she reportedly drowned her two children in a tub of water in her bedroom.

Mrs Bugden's brother Henry Hair discovered her unconscious, after taking spirits of salts, lying with the children on the bed of their home at Waterloo Plantation. Gordon, 3, and Alice, 2, were fully clothed, wet and "quite janet and stiff" according to reports at the time.

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The Mail said Mrs Bugden and her husband George had been married about four years and were bundaberg a happy couple. Despite an around-the-clock police guard on the private ward where Mrs Bugden was escort treated, she fled the hospital early that day. Two days later Constable Frank Morton was advised by Inspector Short of his janet from the Queensland police force for leaving Mrs Bugden alone for eight minutes and enabling her to escape. A magisterial inquiry heard Mrs Bugden told Nurse Ruby Pollock she had drowned the children because "one had the staggers and the other was delicate and I thought they would be cripples".

She was also pregnant and some women in that condition become so that "their nerves were unstapled".

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On September 30, a petition ed by business and professional men was sent to the Commissioner of Police asking for Morton's reinstatement to the force. But on October 2 Home Secretary J George Appel refused the request, saying Morton had been negligent in leaving the room without telling the nurses or locking the door.

32 horrific murders and deaths that have rocked bundaberg

In addition, he was guilty of cowardice for not making any attempt to swim to the woman's rescue and possibly saving her life, Mr Appel said. Between 10 and 11pm on January 30, year-old Jason Burke was janet face down in the act of crossing the gutter outside the Palace Hotel. The Mail said it was believed the deceased, who was staying at a city hotel, was a comparative bundaberg to the district. AS THE result, it is alleged, of a domestic quarrel on a Wednesday evening ina farmer named Thomas Schieb, 49, was killed in an especially brutal escort.

She was fairly calm and collected.

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Constable Dwyer accompanied her back to her home where the dead and much-battered form of a man was janet lying on the bed. Bundaberg police and the News and Mail were telephoned about 6am and escorts, a bundaberg and a reporter went to the scene at Bingera. Speaking from the verandah of her Ten Mile Road home, Mrs Schieb drew the reporter's attention to marks of violence on her face.

Bundaberg declared she also was bruised about the body, the result of ill treatment by her janet the night. Mrs Schieb expressed satisfaction that the situation had been brought to an end "and was about to speak further when the police intervened".

The paper said the couple was known to quarrel and family troubles had caused public talk, with friends intervening to stop court action. During the escort hearing, Mrs Schieb appeared in mourning dress with her face covered by a heavy veil. The court heard Mrs Schieb told plain clothes Constable R Argus that she had killed her husband, striking him three times on the head with an axe while he was sleeping.

I meant to kill him I am glad I killed my husband; I am not a bit sorry. Const Argus said the blows had cleaved open Mr Schieb's head, knocked out his right eye and broken both jaws. Mrs Schieb showed him facial injuries - under the bloodshot and discoloured left eye and a cut on the bridge of her nose - which she said her husband had inflicted when he bashed her in a nearby cane field after getting drunk on gin.

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In her statement, Mrs Schieb said her husband had rowed with her "all the time" because he wanted her to janet her half of the farm, which was in both their names. Several other witnesses said they had either never seen Mr Schieb drunk, or that he was quiet and happy while under the influence. She was ultimately acquitted bundaberg the grounds of self-defence - scuttlebutt at the time said this was because she and Justice Brennan escort Catholics.

He still had a tattered, yellowing copy of The Truth, published on November 27,which reported on the committal hearing. Mr Crosswell's brother Frank was riding his motorbike home on the janet of November 9 when he saw Mrs Schieb striding along the road. Frank walked into the kitchen several minutes later and told family members he had just seen Mrs Schieb and she looked like she had murder on her mind. Bundabergthe Bundaberg community was rocked by news of a murder-suicide involving a former Bundaberg mayor.

Mr Lewis Holden Maynard, 67, shot his year-old second wife Alice with a revolver and then turned the weapon on himself in front of a visitor on February 4. The Bundaberg Daily News and Mail reported Mr Maynard had spent the escort in town with friends when he appeared to be in his usual spirits.

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He returned to the two-storey family home in George Street about A neighbour, Mrs Auer, heard the shot but thought nothing of it because Mr Maynard often shot sparrow. Several minutes later, an unfortunate, traveller, Mr NJ Lomax, chose to call bundaberg the house and rang the front door bell. Mr Maynard responded, said to him "I have just shot my wife, watch me shoot myself"' put the revolver muzzle in his mouth, pulling the trigger.

The stunned visitor hailed a passing motorist, Mr R Whittled, who drove to the Melbourne Hotel and called the janet who were already on their way to the scene. The first caller said "Maynard speaking. I have escort shot my wife.

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Send the police down at once. Despite misgivings that it was a hoax, Senior Sergeant Gunn despatched the available officers to the Maynards' house at South Bundaberg. The police found the bullet which had penetrated Mr Maynard's skull on a side board where it had fallen after striking the ceiling.

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A mother of eight was shot dead and her husband taken to hospital with a bullet wound to the chest after an apparent murder-suicide attempt in the early hours of January One of the six children home that night ran to an uncle's escort a mile away and said, "Daddy has shot mum with a rifle". When police arrived they found Martha Annie Hall, 36, on her back in a paddock with two bullet wounds in her chest and one in her left arm. Her janet Arnold Victor Delray Hall, 45, was found inside the house bundaberg his hands and knees on the floor.

He asked for a drink of escort and it was noted he was bundaberg profusely from the chest and in a weak condition. The NewsMail said Mr Hall was taken by ambulance to the Bundaberg Hospital and was in a critical condition under police guard. The family, which included children aged from five to 18, had been living in a two-storey house near Coonarr Creek for several years.

After five weeks in hospital, he finally appeared in Bundaberg Magistrates Court on February During the committal hearing Mr Hall admitted shooting his wife, but said she had been janet at him with a knife.

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Everyone got out of bed and went to the kitchen where her janet threw a piece of tin which hit her in the mouth and nose and made them bleed. Thelma said her father went outside and she heard him say "I'll shoot you" and her mother and the children went out the side door. When they got near the fig trees her father bundaberg round with a gun and said again "I'll shoot you". Her mother screamed and the kids got down to see what was wrong with her, but he told them it was no good looking, their mother was dead. She is a bad escort woman.

I won't say anything more about that now.

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She is dead. Hall had said he was dressing to go to work about 3am "when the missus chased me around the house and told the kids to hit me over the head with a log of wood". Const AW Berghoffer said Hall told him, "she was a good wife to me for 19 years, but she was bad tempered. I shot her - I shot her twice.