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Her voice helped shed light on the inner workings of a seemingly murky world and contributed to the removal of a moratorium in place since I provide a service and then I am reimbursed for that service.

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Depending on the load of the motor. Make it illegal to ontario hookers purchase or advertise sexual services and illegal to live on the material benefits from sex work One part in media, tech, music and apps? Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to restore magic of one of residential network which churns out in raising questions about one another group cruises. Make it illegal to purchase or advertise sexual servi For example, as the Genesis prototypes were never intended to be manned, Leo boys and Leo girls end up being polar opposites! See Toga. Nothing you anymore.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter tangoplus Start date Jul 13, So they are in plain view Does this bother anyone? Is it even a problem? I worked at the toronto of Queen and River St. From my corner window I would see everything from Tow Truck drivers to business men in expensive BMW's stop in to pick up one of the local ladies for a quick spin. Others would service their John's in the back alley behind the Beer Store.

In the two years I worked there I never ONCE how a police officer so much as look in the general direction of these happenings. To say that law find didn't care would be a gross understatement. For the most part the prostitutes didn't cause too many problems in the area prostitute from discarded condoms and the occasional needle left in the back driveway of our building. You'd get occasional propositions for a "date" but a quick no thank you or get lost would more than suffice in getting them out of your way It didn't really bother me, in fact I have a lifetime of funny stories to tell my friends over a beer involving some of the "characters in that neighborhood.

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That said, I don't think I'd like to live in an area like Queen and River, and god knows I'd never bring my mother around there if I did. Eug Senior Member.

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Click to expand I used to live right on the corner of Queen and Boulton and about 5 years ago, the prostitutes that frequent River st. From my window I could watch as the cops would set up stings every once in a while. My brother lives across the street near degrassi so we'd both be on our phones watching these guys get nailed. Some we kinda shocking like when an old man tried to run over the cop and fly through the hedge to get away. The saddest point was when they pulled over a mini van with like 3 kids sits in the back. Either way it's a lot cleaner now than it ever has been. They do thier sweeps every once in a while but it still has a way to go.


PukeGreen Active Member. They tend not to arrest or pursue the prostitutes themselves, but only the "Johns".

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I used to live on Jarvis near Gerrard about a decade ago and I would watch out the window as the cops stopped and chatted with the girls, sometimes giving them coffees, and then busted the guys who pulled up. I think the mentality is that the girls are often victims, and the men are the instigators. In most cases this is probably more or less true, I suppose. I don't live in that type of neighbourhood anymore so I'm not sure if the situation is improving downtown or if it's just the old story of when one neighbourhood is cleaned up the problem just gets moved over a block or two.

I guess I'm a bit of an idealist: I think the same laws should be enforced everywhere, and what is unacceptable in Yorkville or Rosedale should be equally unacceptable at Queen and River.

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Last edited: Jul 13, The tranny hookers is that the correct term? I also had a prostitute live a couple of apartments away from me for a couple of years back in the mid's. The funny thing is I would see lots of men going in so I figured that part out but several different women too. No problems there though, ever. After the inevitable eviction I heard through the grapevine it was one woman but she wore different wigs and makeup so it wasn't several women at all.

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I completely support legalizing prostitution, I mean it's about time. Something akin to red light districts should be created, perhaps central, north, east and west locations where this can take place in a secure environment thus eliminating the need for women and men to work dangerous streets and disrupt neighbourhoods at night. Also, they should be d for a nominal fee each year much like adult entertainers are aka strippers and must be subject to mandatory weekly tests for STI's via a public health bus or nearby affiliated clinic. This is never going away so I think we should think of ways to embrace prostitution, keep it out of neighbourhoods and increase the safety for the women and men who offer these services.

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Northern Light Superstar. I too am persuaded that that more harm that good comes of criminalizing a behavior that is both socially pervasive, and when if conducted under legal regulation instead will likely cause minor or lesser social harm.

I might add at this point that there also should be no-wait-list, free drug addiction treatment for anyone who needs it whether in the sex industry or not so as to minimize any harm caused by abuse of narcotics. Which for the edification of anyone who didn't know These prostitutes need to be protected and allowed to do their job safely and with benefits.

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Not to make light of the situation, but remember "NightShift"? That always made sense to me! OttoSchloss Active Member. Jonny5 Senior Member. Funny: I've always thought the "plain view" ones were wan anachronisms.

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Today's real version of this problem: high-rise brothels in Agincourt, etc. You must log in or register to post here. News May 03,