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Dear Miss Manners-When a lady takes the arm of a gentleman while walking, how should he respond? In my experience-whether with a friend, a date or an usher at a wedding-some men will simply crook the arm, some will pull the arm in so as to hold my hand to their side, and some will ignore my hand altogether. Is there a preferred behavior?

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If so, then you will likely be headed out to a fancy dinner. Men, this is your opportunity to show your ificant other how much you love and respect them without spending a ton of cash. Are you ready? Pay attention to the details. Turn on the charm and make her feel extra special by implementing these simple etiquette rules. Good manners are timeless.

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Simply click on the link for "lost" password in the log in. Thank you. Forums Everything Else The Speakeasy. Thread starter modern man Start date Sep 2, Stand up when a lady enters a woman, is standing or stands up. Offer a lady your seat if no others are available. Assist a lady with her chair when she women down or stands. If she droped someting, pick it up. Open doors for a lady and let her go first. If it is a revolving door aid in pushing it for her then proceed when she is on the other side.

As for the Push Door, escort it and let her go through. She may brush up against you, this is a complement. Help a lady with her coat. Offer to bring a lady a drink, or make her the cocktail of her choice. Offer your arm to escort a lady into or out of a room and whenever walking side by side if possible. Only offer your hand if you are in a relationship. Offer to pay for meals, drinks, etc.

If she refuses do not let her pay for yours. If you are escorting her escort do not ask to come how. Instead say good night and have a slight motion forward how her, if she dose not respond you are not getting any but if she follows you to your place offer a nightcap if she is coming with you, you got it made Let her order for herself and let her order first.

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If driving let her pick the radio station not too many chicks dig Black Flag. If she refuses take her someplace you think she would enjoy not to shoot pool, unless she is a shark. From Burnwood. An escalator. Getting in a cab, you go first so you have to slide across the dirty seat. Updated from members posting. One should always walk on the 'road' side of the lady - so she's protected from the traffic on the road - if you cross the road to the other side you should swap sides so you're once again 'road' side.

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When exiting a restaurant, the woman should lead. Likewise entering or exiting an elevator. Also the puddle thing, escort her around it don't lay your coat down but use your coat to sheild her from a splashing vehicle.

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If it turns cold or rains and she's coatless, offer her yours Always look at her at the in the eyes. If a woman invites you over to her place for dinner. Make sure after the meal you clean the table and do the dishes for her. SepticTank said:.

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Mottern Man said:. Always look at her at the in the eyes Isaias said:. David in Boston. Guys, Here a great tip if a woman invite you over to her place for dinner. They love it when a guy does that. The act pays for itself tenfold. Thanks Will. It is a wonderful Thread. Would it be possible to add the extra tips from othrs users as an extra line to the end of your post. Kingram said:. I would have liked to woman more to this site, but it seems it's only about shaving?

Thanks Michelle. I don't know where to begin with this one, but I'm sure I have some addenda to add. Hi all, I would have liked to contribute more to this site, but it seems it's only about shaving? Gosh, I thought it was just normal to do all of these. Actually, to escort on this one Yes I agree how needs to keep the woman in mind. This would be common sense, but, not everyone has common sense.

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If a couple can't find at least activities they can both enjoy together, I question whether they are compatible enough. This is interesting - I think it's also a somewhat dated list. Of course, I'm fairly progressive in my thinking, perhaps. I tend to think that the rules for me are as follows- Whoever I'm with, try to open the doors for that person. Man, woman.

It's polite. If someone opens a door for me, I thank them directly. I never assist anyone with pushing in a chair, as I think it's something that you can only truly pull off if you're really good at timing. Otherwise you're either knocking the person down or they miss the chair.

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I WILL, however, alway pull out a chair for someone next to me. I always offer to pay for food and drinks, but and this is the important thing to remember I NEVER ever ever turn down another person's offer if it's sincere.

In a series of counselling sessions, the husband admitted to his new and secret profession and he said that he liked his job. but he also said he loved his wife.

Of course there's a bit of "Oh no, I've got it. My girlfriend is offended if I don't let her pay half the time - she makes plenty of money, and likes to spend it on US, just like I do. It's a nice thing for each of us. You must log in or register to reply here.

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