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B y now, the cultural visibility of the transgender, genderqueer and gender nonconforming community has seriously expanded the way that we view gender. And while general awareness about gender diversity has increased, there are still some technical aspects that many people continue to struggle with, chief among those being the use of gender-neutral pronouns. As a genderqueer advocate and media personality who has used gender-neutral pronouns for years, I have quite a few pointers and tips to share.

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From: Translation Bureau. The Translation Bureau recently published a linguistic recommendation on gender inclusivity in correspondence. In it, we describe some simple techniques you can use to write letters and s that are inclusive of all gender identities. Our recommendation on gender inclusivity in correspondence addresses a very current issue.

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Non-binary identities are varied and can include people who identify with some aspects of binary identities, while others reject them entirely.

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Non-binary people can feel that their gender identity and gender experience involves being both a man and a woman, or that it is fluid, in between, or completely outside of that binary. Trans people may describe themselves using one or more of a wide variety of terms, including but not limited to transgender, transsexual, gender-queer GQgender-fluid, non-binary, gender-variant, crossdresser, genderless, agender, nongender, third gender, bi-gender, trans man, trans woman, trans masculine, trans feminine and neutrois.

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Gender expression is how you express yourself and just like the rest of society, non-binary people have all sorts of ways to express themselves and their identity. They can present as masculine, feminine or in another way and this can change over time, but none of these expressions make their identity any less valid or worthy of respect.

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There are many ways to be inclusive of everyone, regardless of their gender identity. Our language and the way we speak is often embedded with hidden gendered cues. Here are 10 tips you can start using right away!

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Introduce yourself with your name and pronoun. Stating your pronouns reminds people that it might not always be immediately obvious what pronoun someone uses.

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Use words that define the relationship instead of the relationship and gender. You will often already be using it without realising, i.

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Make sure that your workplace, school and college policies and documents use inclusive language, i. Where specifically talking about gender identity, make sure it is inclusive of non-binary gender identities and not just trans men and trans women. When highlighting LGBT people in your events or as role models, make sure you include some non-binary role models too.

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It may take a bit of getting used to, but it causes you no harm and it will make that person feel acknowledged and valid. Use the hashtag to show your support, amplify their voices and learn more about their experience.

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