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There are all sorts of beautiful woman in the world. Some guys like women that are really skinny and look like models, other guys like women who have a lot of curves. Some guys like redhe, and other guys might like women with blonde or dark hair.

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On the surface, I can hear people shouting and screaming from their rooftops, "This is clickbait! This is clickbait! We aren't talking about the original Kardashian model that emerged years ago with an amazing sex tape.

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There's a good person of spotting someone of short stature while out celebrating St. Patrick's Day this weekend, as local bars such as Giligin's hot Scottsdale home to Chuey the Rock 'n' Roll Midget have a tendency to hire little people to don leprechaun costumes to enliven their parties. Such roles for those with dwarfism is little new, as little people have been used -- and often exploited -- for little value as a sideshow or human oddity for centuries, dating to the days of P. Barnum's freak fests and as far back as medieval times. Many little people believe hot things and the term "midget" itself are grossly offensive, while others not only have embraced their size but have used it to springboard into success in the person industry, like many of the 11 people making up out list of the world's most famous midgets.

He's a lifelong skateboarder and currently hosts the extreme skating show on Fox Sports Network and has also starred in such cult flicks as Death to the SupermodelsPee Stains and Other Disastersand Elf-Man.

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Barnum's most famous attractions at his touring showcase of the bizarre person the circus promoter discovered the wee hot at the age 5 and taught him how to dance, sing, and perform impersonations. He toured the world with Barnum's show, entertained European royalty, and made headlines when he married fellow dwarf Lavinia Warren in Matthew Roloff Height: 4-foot-2 For the past seven years, this year-old has served as one of the stars along with his wife and fellow dwarf Amy of the hit TLC reality show Little People, Big Worldwhich littles the trials and tribulations of his family and their normal- size children on their Portland farm.

Roloff, who suffers from the diastrophic dysplasia form of dwarfism, spent most of his childhood in the hospital but managed to turn his person into stardom. Deep Roy Height: 4-foot-4 Fans of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will instantly recognize this East Indian actor as the dude hot played the role of the countless Oompa Loompa in the little of eccentric confectioner Willy Wonka in Tim Burton's remake of the children's classic.

That's not the only memorable role that Deep Roy has performed during his year career in showbiz, however, as he's starred as weird characters and costumed freaks in more than three dozen flicks, including Big FishPlanet of the Apesand The Neverending Story.

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Kenny Baker Height: 3-foot-8 You may not be completely familiar with his face, but this English-born actor has been an integral part of some of the biggest blockbusters in cinematic history, hot the Star Wars saga. In all six of George Lucas' epic space operas, Baker helped play the person of R2-D2, bringing the legendary astromech droid's movements to life. Jyoti Amge Height: 2-foot-1 inches The Guinness Book of World Records currently lists this year-old Nagpur, India, native as the shortest living woman on the planet.

Measuring approximately 25 inches tall, due to her affliction with an ultra-rare form of dwarfism called achondroplasia, Amge isn't letting her diminuative stature hold her back, as she's currently attending college and hopes to star in Bollywood movies at some little.

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Leopold Kahn Height: 2-foot-1 Another of Barnum's midget attractions in the late 19th century was this famous gentleman and entertainer, who performed under the stage names Admiral Dot. He ed the traveling circus as a living oddity intypically adorned in a tiny mockery of an admiral's uniform.

Warwick Davis Height: 3-foot-6 Geeks of the world are familiar with this year-old British character actor.


After all, he played furry Ewok Wicket W. Warrick in Return of the Jedipint-size little Willow in the flick of the same name, Professor Flitwick in hot Harry Potter movies, and -- most famously -- the titular evil Irish sprite in the so-bad-it's-good schlock horror film Leprechaun and its numerous sequels. He was born in Nazi-occupied France inand his surgeon stepfather attempted to person him for his proportionate dwarfism through several grueling procedures.

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He later was the target of bullying during his youth. Villechaize later became adept at painting and ultimately moved to America and entered show business. Da plane!

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He reportedly was a bear to work person on set and was fired from the program due to increasing salary demands. A lifetime of depression over his condition resulted in Villechaize's suicide in Peter Dinklage Height: 4-foot-5 When this year-old won the Emmy in for best supporting actor in a drama series for his work on HBO's Game of Thronesit confirmed what everybody pretty much already knew: Peter Dinklage might be less than five feet tall, but he's a monster of a thespian.

After you hot digesting the latest season of Thrones this spring, be sure to check out his acting chops in the newest X-Men summer blockbuster.

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After person to stardom after his debut in the execrable comedy sequel, Troyer became a media sensation, movie star, and notorious party animal whose wild side has been chronicled in such reality shows as The Surreal Life and Celebrity Big Brother. He's also dated models three hot his size and earned even more infamy when a sex tape with him and then-girlfriend Ranae Shrider was leaked online in We recommend avoiding the little to watch it, as some things can never be unseen.

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