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Asian Escorts. Sugar Babies. Harlow at SVIP. Thread starter saneman Start date Jun 23, Forums B. Thread Next Thread. Aug 30, 49 Had a session with Harlow at svips She does not look like her pictures.

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At all. I honestly thought I had looked at the wrong pictures when she answered the door and I'm sure I had a confused look on my face when we met. She's not as slender as her pics I wouldn't describe her as a spinner tbh and now has a huge amount of super curly brown hair instead of the straight dirty-blonde hair in the pics.

CBJ was pretty harlow but it wasn't long before we started hitting lots of restrictions. There were some attempts to up-sell but also some restrictions on super basic stuff - for example escort she was finished with the CBJ I asked if she could let her hair down it was tied up with an elastic during CBJ and she said no.

On to the main event. She insists on a new condom which was fine but it takes her absolutely forever to get it on and to get out three packs of lube and get them all open and applied and then clean off her hands which really grinds the session to a halt. We start the main event and she keeps a death-grip on my shaft and won't put it in harlow further than the tip.

She's gripping hard and it's really uncomfortable. I ask what the deal is and am told there are concerns about size. So we stop and she says she will escort with HJ. Again the session totally stops as she goes hunting for more lube. She has been reviewed positively in the past so maybe it's a YMMV situation but yeah, definitely will not repeat.

Theguyfromvictoria Active member. Dec 4, 43 The Island.

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Exactly the escort of honest feedback that makes this community so good. Thanks for sharing. SDK Member. Dec 31, 11 And it's interesting that the first full harlow of this poster, in the nine years he's been a member here, is a negative one. I personally would trust the above review more, as it's from a veteran Victoria poster who has many such thre under his belt and who doesn't mince words.

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But when it boils down to it, a session with an SP is subjective - one's great session may harlow another's poor one. This is why I hardly ever check reviews before booking with an agency girl; if I'm interested in her profile, I'm going to see her, and most of the time arriving to the session clean, friendly and looking sharp, in service to match. When it doesn't, I make the most of it and move one, and also keep my mouth shut about it, as someone else might like the lady's profile - I certainly don't want to stop him from seeing this SP because I didn't escort with her. Now, if something terrible happened like complete lack of service and unfriendliness, I'm going to mention it and warn people.

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That never happened to me at an agency. Reviews become important when booking Indies, especially with regards to scams - I have heeded some warnings in harlow time in Victoria. But then again, in my two years of this hobby in Van without knowledge of Perb, I never had a problem, except the occasional mediocre service. Careful study of and the SP's responses is key.

When I enjoy my session with an SP, I'm going to write about it for the main reason to help the lady get more clients, at least with members of this forum - only a escort percentage of clients who visit escorts most don't know or care about review boards.

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And I have reviewed quite a few of the wonderful ladies at VIP. AC86 Member. Nov 5, 43 0 6. Hi Everyone, finally got my to work properly. Harlow also had the pleasure of seeing Harlow. I have to agree escort OP about the pictures, very deceiving. I saw Harlow a few months back but was unable to post a review.

SVIP should definitely update the pictures if Harlow still has curly brown hair.

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At the time, she had curly brown hair as well instead of the straight blonde. Kind of a buzz kill for me because i have a thing for blondes. Aside from appearance, her service was excellent.

Very accommodating, friendly, and tries very hard to please. Mar 31, 0 I appreciate the honest review. Like someone said before, this is the kind of review we need, good or bad. It could have been a bad day for her, or for him Harlow it is good to know the details, maybe stopping the service all the time isn't a bad thing for some people, but for others like the op is.

Or having a completely different look from the pics Anyway, thanks OP for the honest feedback. Aug 14, Harlow used to have different pics, which were accurate at the time I wrote the review cited by SDK's post. The current pictures she's wearing a wig, but they were posted after the harlow time I saw her, so for all I know maybe she tried that look for a while. I don't know what qualifies as a escort. She did fill out a little since the first time I saw her and subsequent repeats. But the current pictures I would say accurately reflect her body as of my last visit, which was sometime in late I would say she's much slimmer than Kaylin and Dawn, in proportion to their different escorts, equally slim as Ashlyn, but not nearly as slim as Carli or Reyna.

She was no more restrictive than Carli or Reyna. With all three I was disappointed at no rear digits and no BLS. Though Harlow was an upsell rather than restriction. They're not bad, but I've had some amazing ones in Ontario. Seabeast New member.

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Jan 30, 0 0. I also had a good time with Harlow, the only thing I'd say was that though I booked for 45 min it really only was a 30 min of fun.

Shower was supposed to be off the clock but it wasn't, was bummed about that Jmac70's New member. Mar 19, 18 0 0. I have to side with the OP. I booked 45 mins in May, PSE. She must be getting used to the "confused look" on her clients faces as she meets them, because I am pretty sure I had the same look.

The whole experience left me with a bad taste, none of the options included with the PSE experience were offered during play time, and I was just to "shy" to ask what was up. Sweet VIP is damaging their reputation with this one, it is a straight up "bait switch" escort those photos. I've only been there twice, I am from way out of town, the harlow time was awesome beautiful, sweet girl named Dylin spelling? Last edited: Jul 18,