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FriendFinder pioneered and continues to innovate some of the most popular and widely-used dating and entertainment websites in the world. FriendFinder originally started as a mainstream social networking site when it was founded in by Andrew Conru, then a Ph. Over the next few personals, the company quickly adapted to consumer preferences and branched out into over twenty different social media and dating-related verticals. In earlythe company merged with Cams. Since then, Friendfinder. Recently I saw an ad on TV with a testimonial from some couple that got married after having met on a dating site.

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Unfortunately, PlentyOfFish refused to correct this overpayment, and it was necessary to file litigation. See full article at Businesswire.

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Jan 13, Permalink Comments 0. Hackers accessed M s. The plaintiff holds FriendFinder Networks Inc. See all posts on AdultFriendFinder. Summarized by the IDEA team. Oct 09, Permalink Comments 0.

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Meanwhile, OKCupid are have been quite stable at 64 employees. Badoo is stable at employees. Zoosk is stable at employees. See full article at Courtland Brooks blog.

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Apr 05, Permalink Comments 0. LAW - May 26 - A group of adult websites must be returned to FriendFinder Personals because they shouldn't have been included in the sale, a court ruled. Penthouse argued that FriendFinder was not entitled to a return of the domains because its was FriendFinder's own actions that friendfinder the sites to be transferred to Penthouse in May FriendFinder noticed that some of its revenues were dropping and its traffic was decreasing on some of the sites.

It found that those sites were now redirecting to Penthouse.

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See all posts on Friendfinder. Summarized by the Courtland Brooks team. May 29, Permalink Comments 0. CNET - Nov 13 - The hack included addresses and passwords collected over 20 years from six adult-oriented FriendFinder websites, including Penthouse.

FriendFinder confirmed the site vulnerability. The hack marks the second time in two years personals AdultFriendFinder has been hacked. Nov 14, Permalink Comments 0.

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ITPRO - Oct 21 - A serious database vulnerability could potentially reveal usernames, passwords and other information. The suggestion of a security flaw first came from self-styled "underground researcher" 1x on Tuesday night, who posted on Twitter a screen grab that suggested Adult FriendFinder has a Local File Inclusion vulnerability. FriendFinder Networks ' VP and senior counsel of corporate compliance and litigation stated, "We are aware of reports of a security incident, and we are currently investigating to determine the validity of the reports.

If we confirm that a security incident did occur, we will work to address any personals and notify any customers that may be affected. See all posts on Adult FriendFinder. Oct 21, Permalink Comments 0. The idea struck him in his dorm friendfinder as a way to kickstart his love life after a breakup. He tried newspaper personals, and video dating. It was "a very manual process," Conru recalled. But Web Personals featured large photos and a whole of text per profile. Web Friendfinder took two months to build. In the 18 months Conru ran the site, there were K personals.

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He has been dating online for 20 years and has never been married. He has no personals on settling down. Jun 18, Permalink Comments 0. COM - May 20 - Andrew Conru, an internet pioneer, is trying personals determine at what point artificial intelligence develops emotional intelligence, and he thinks he can do it friendfinder an art contest.

InConru launched WebPersonals, the first friendfinder dating site. He sold the company a year later and started FriendFinder, one of the first social networking site. From the very beginning, Conru noticed that most users were just posting nude photos and looking for sex, so he created Adult FriendFinder.

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Since building the FriendFinder empire, Conru has discovered his passion for art. Inhe completed one painting a day. Now, he posts weekly paintings to his blog, dailyoil. May 25, Permalink Comments 0. Here's the inside track.

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We're going to be continuing with live caming of Penthouse models so this arrangement was really a win-win for both parties. See full article at BusinessWire.

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This post also appears on InternetDatingInvestments. Feb 25, Permalink Comments 0. The company is now offering free one-month Gold memberships to anyone who s up on AdultFriendFinder and can show proof of membership in a competitive adult dating site.

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Feb 06, Permalink Comments 0. Kelly See full article at NYPost. Summarized by. Sep 16, Permalink Comments 0.

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Zoosk filed for an IPO inintending to raise more than USD m, but withdrew the application citing unfavorable market conditions. Its scale and brand awareness means it probably pays much less to acquire new users. Aug 26, Permalink Comments 0. The company said the warning ended up in its spam folder, despite an from an employee indicating that it had been read.

May 28, Permalink Comments 0. Personals would be easy for hackers to user the leaked information to identify people in real life through Facebook. This could put users at risk of extortion and friendfinder. May 27, Friendfinder Comments 1. Online Personals Watch: News on the Online Dating Industry and Personals nono fluff, just raw news summaries, official rankings and ceo interviews.

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