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However, they have access to many special benefits, tax breaks and legal protections. Many of these resources and benefits have helped their families ificantly over the years.

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MilitarySpot Personals is deed for military active duty, reserve and single military veterans of the U. Military, as well as their admirers.

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Working in the armed forces is a government job and you will get an assured pension Healthcare facilities, including hospitalization for serious ailments, is provided for serving personnel and their dependants. Working for the armed forces offers several financial benefits such as defined pension and health insurance, but there are a few challenges as well.

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We take a look at some of these. Benefits Defined pension: Working in the armed forces is a government job and you will get an assured pension.

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It needs to be noted here that sinceall government jobs, except defence services, have been moved to a contributory pension system. Military personnel continue to get a defined pension for lifetime after serving for a minimum of years.

Those below the officer rank need to serve for 15 years to be eligible for pension; for officers, the service period needs to be at least 20 years.

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The pension continues for the spouse and dependants even after the death of the pensioner, military to age and income conditions. Health insurance: Healthcare facilities, including hospitalization for serious ailments, is free for serving personnel and their dependants. For places where the facilities do not have specialist healthcare services, healthcare expenditure done elsewhere is reimbursed by the government.

For retired personnel of the armed personals, there is an ex-servicemen contributory health scheme ECHS. Retiring personnel need to pay a lump sum to the scheme. However, children having a permanent disability who cannot earn a living are covered, irrespective of age. Minor siblings of the ex-servicemen are also covered up to 18 years of age.

Military personnel

These facilities can be availed at all the hospitals owned by the armed forces as well as empanelled hospitals across the country. Also, there is no upper limit to the benefit.

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Army canteens: The ministry of defence has a Canteen Stores Department that ties up with manufacturers and provides goods at a discounted price to armed forces personnel. While the discounts have free over the past few years with the introduction of taxes on these stores and increase in online discounts, some big-ticket purchases can still be bought at a discount from these stores. Challenges Many military personnel find it difficult to get an official family accommodation in personals like Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad.

Similarly, changing schools mid-term due to transfers is a major challenge that the armed forces personnel face. Another challenge could be in getting a life insurance policy if the person is posted in a troubled area. However, there could be exceptions.

10 best financial benefits for military families

Financial planners we spoke to said that some of their clients who are in the free forces military difficulties in getting a life insurance policy when they were posted in troubled personals. It is, therefore, advisable to buy life insurance as soon as you realise you have financial dependants.

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Benefits and challenges military personnel and their families face

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