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Those you do see are predominantly from local businesses promoting local services.

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Carers at Chaseley, in Eastbourne, East Sussex, which caters for 55 residents with physical disabilities, helped organise what were described as "special visits".

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They defended the use of "sex surrogates" because many physically and mentally disabled people had no other sexual outlet and could become frustrated. The practice was disclosed by Helena Barrow, a former manager at Chaseley, who spoke of the frustration experienced by some residents. It's known as the resident's 'special visit'.

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If we refused, we would not be delivering a holistic level of care. But this is private and personal to the individual and not something that we would discuss in any detail in the media.

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Mrs Barrow, who now manages another care home, said residents paid for the prostitutes, who would be escorted by a member of staff to a room where a resident was waiting. Staff would then put a "special red sock" on the door handle to make sure the couple were not disturbed before checking on them every 15 minutes.

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A spokesman for the Care Quality Commission said that where a care need was identified, appropriate safeguards would need to be in place to protect against the risk of abuse. A council spokesman refused to comment on whether they had received independent complaints surrounding the issue.

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It is an ex-military nursing home which now houses a mix of residents whose places are funded by private arrangements or by social services. Denise Banks is director of social care provision at Chailey Heritage Foundation which has been working with the Sexual Health and Disability Allliance, a national group that campaigns for disabled people to be allowed access to sex workers.

She revealed the foundation had contacted Chaseley to help develop a policy where prostitutes could be found for residents if needed.

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Mrs Banks said: "The work they are doing is certainly pleasing. If someone asked us to contact a sex worker for them, we would have to be open to that.

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If we resisted we would be going against the Human Rights Act. It's a much nicer way to do it. But we need to develop a proper policy. Dr Tuppy Owens, convenor of the Sexual Health and Disability Allliance, said: "Many disabled people are living in perpetual frustration.

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There's nothing illegal about it. Other experts raised health and safety fears around allowing vulnerable people access to sex workers without proper checks.

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The Chaseley trust deny procuring prostitutes for their residents. Sue Wyatt, Chaseley's Chief Executive, denied the practice took place.

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On one occasion, strippers were invited into the home to perform for residents.