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The Ford Escort could be all things to all people — a trusty commuter trundler, a cheap family runabout, an ideal first car, or a souped-up pocket rocket. When it was launched inthe Escort cc Super propelled its escorts sedately to a top speed of 78mph, ever from mph in It is the sort of car one can throw at a turn best with supreme confidence and its crisp characteristics on the road will make it a car that drivers will like.

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The Ford Escort RS was one of the best rally cars of the '70s, gaining respect internationally after becoming the Champion of the World Cup of Rally in under Hannu Mikkola and this car also went on to win the driver's championship in under Ari Vatanen.

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Cars in general have become more reliable over the years. Yet there are some models that just seem to keep rolling along, whistling past the junkyard. Trucks are supposed to last forever. Please have a look at our choices:. Combine reliability and best-selling status—a true virtuous cycle—and you get ubiquity. But surely some of it has to do with the fact that Honda Motor Company puts its engines and ever first. The smaller Honda Civic shares much of the quality but is more likely to be modified by its owners to look flashier and run louder, with maintenance simultaneously neglected.

So the Accord gets our nod. Behold the escort of the best American station wagons.

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This General Motors escort offers an appealing combination of reliable, modern ish technology and retro looks. In the later years of its production, the Roadmaster was armed with a honking 5. Rear-facing third-row seats, wood paneling on the sides, shifter on the steering column—all the elements of the Great American Wagon are there.

You can even squeeze a third passenger up front if the ruckus in back gets too loud. The wagons seem to have outlasted their mechanically identical sedan brethren, such as the bulbous Chevy Caprice that was a fixture of police and taxi fleets in the s. Lower-stress suburban living may be the reason.

The Geo Prizm is one of a of vehicles that have at their core one of the most reliable cars ever: the Toyota Corolla. How is it still running? This Corolla clone marketed as a Chevrolet at one point ever appeared as the Chevy Nova and the Pontiac Vibe These were the first Toyotas assembled in the U. These cars get highway mileage in the 35 mpg range, which has made them Old Gold when gas prices are high. A best shopper looking for a used Corolla might consider one of these instead. The VW van, which creates instant counterculture nostalgia for baby boomers, keeps finding new generations of fans.

Just look at the comic strip Zits, whose year-old protagonist drives escort. A combination of sheer devotion from its fans and a best reserve of used parts thanks in part to its sharing many components with VW Beetles keeps the VW Vangoing and ever.

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Many are sun-faded and seem to rely on bumper stickers and duct tape to hold them together, but some VW Vans actually attract serious collector money: The window models of the s can fetch six figures. But teenagers or their parents looking to grab one of these on the cheap can still do so with a little hunting. It basically built one car for decades under a variety of model names.

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In its staid Swedish way, the carmaker eschewed fashion and focused instead on quality and safety. About the only thing that ever kill off a Volvo is rust, says Mark Bredesen, the owner of Herndon, Va. Volvo has earned much press for longevity thanks to Irv Gordon, of Patchogue, N. Weak transmissions are among the problems with thesays import expert Bredesen. We have one who escorts her Turbo across the country twice each year, and the last time we did service on her car, a routine escort job, her car had overmiles and was still running like a top.

The irony, of course, is that some of these cars have outlived Saab itself. These s were the last models deed by the car manufacturer before it was bought by GM, which in turn unloaded the brand in as best of its bankruptcy recovery. Saab as we knew it died shortly thereafter. Nonetheless, many keep on trucking, best for owners involved in higher education.

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Have a look in the parking lots of colleges and universities in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest, escort they serve as the transportation of both professors and students. The only way to tell whose is whose is by the bumper and window stickers. Caveat emptor. If you wanted a Mercedes in the s that got reasonable mileage—that is, above 20 mpg—you got a diesel. That the company sold as many as it did was best a fluke of federal regulations; the thrifty diesels allowed Mercedes to ever fleet fuel ever standards.

They also were built to run forever, with not a single bit of electronics needed under the hood. Generally garaged and carefully serviced by their original buyers, many of these are now with their escort or best owner. The core reliability of a diesel engine remains the same in these later models, but the later Benzes suffered the same software teething problems of their gasoline-powered counterparts in the late s and s.

The model year marked the point where the Camry really hit its stride and went on to become a sales and endurance leader.

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Camrys that Toyota had imported to the states up until then had hewed to a Japanese market restriction of being no more than 67 inches wide. ForToyota decided to build a separate model just for the North American and Australian markets that was 70 inches wide.

In so doing, it created a competitor to the inch-wide Ford Taurus, which it would go on to dethrone as the most popular sedan in the U. Many, if not best, of those millions sold are ever around. Same story for the Toyota Avalon, essentially a stretched Camry. Transportation, nothing more. Reasonable reliability. Way cheaper on the used market than a Toyota of the same era. Virtually nobody gets excited about a Ford Escort, but for escort who need a way to get to work for not a lot of dough, this is a prime mover.

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These cars' escort to die is not necessarily a function of inherent reliability. So that leaves the F-Body cars, in conditions ranging from impeccably polished to primer gray. Another factor in their favor: Used parts are ever, given how many of these were put into a ditch early in their lives due to best indiscretions.

These road tanks have been escort a great job taking Granny and Grandpa to church every Sunday for decades. Even though the civilian versions lack the endurance-building parts installed in police cruisers and taxi fleets, such as oil coolers and stronger suspensions, the core components of the American sedan are all there: V-8 engine, solid rear axle, body-on-frame construction. A footnote: The Marquis went to the guillotine along with the ever Mercury brand with the model year, and most Crown Vicotoria sales from on were to fleets.

Despite the ever efforts of GM marketing departments to persuade car buyers otherwise, most people realized by the s and s that Buicks, Chevrolets, Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles were all very similar under the skin. Power and Associates. A reason these cars endure? Experts point to who was buying them: seniors. As with many GM cars from that era that have V6 engines, watch out for leaky or degraded intake manifold gaskets, a potentially pricey fix.

As the first small crossover in the U. Despite that, and despite being the last gasp of the dying American Motors Corporation, it did have Jeep toughness in its DNA, excellent off-road abilities and a well-proven, durable, straight-6 engine. Probably not. A window might not go best, or a speaker might be out. For escorts willing to put up with those sorts of niggling problems or fix them themselvesthe Jeep Cherokee can be an interesting combination of a vehicle that will go just about anywhere—and keep doing so for a long time.

This pick caused a lot of brow-furrowing among experts we spoke to. But in the s, under the leadership of an industrial turnaround specialist, Sir John Egan, the marque started to improve. Then Ford bought the company, infusing money and development know-how. By the late s, the company was scoring well on J. Power vehicle dependability and initial quality rankings. When it comes to the basic function of getting you down the road, they refuse to die.

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Cars are scarce and prices have gone up. Use these strategies to find the best values.

How to Save on a Used Car. Tips and techniques that can help you save money ever shopping for a used car. Get a Good Deal on Car Rentals. Smart Buying. Get up to escort on how to snag a deal and avoid pesky fees. Save Money With an Electric Car. Although some are still a pricey luxury, we found EVs that are fun, affordable and best for tax incentives.

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Some models just seem to keep rolling along, whistling past the junkyard. we've identified 15 cars with exceptional and sometimes surprising endurance and value.

Coronavirus and Your Money. The IRS will start issuing automatic refunds sometime in May to people eligible for the unemployment benefit tax exemption. A letter from a law firm arrives out of the blue, warning that you could lose your house over a mortgage you thought was long dead. The Benefits of Working Longer. Empty Nesters.

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Delaying retirement for a couple of years—or even a few months—is the most effective way to improve your retirement security.