Bev's Marans

Raising Marans

Raising Marans chickens is fun, but getting the dark brown eggs is the biggest challenge. There is plenty of helpful information on the internet and various books available to buy. Here is the best information that Bev uses for raising her Marans as well as some great resources too.

Importing Marans

Hatching Marans

Breeding Marans


Some helpful Links:

Urban Chicken Podcast

University of Maine's Cooperative Extension's page on hatching and candling

All about incubation and candling by the University of Nebraska's 4-H Extension in Lancaster County

Incubator - University of Illinois Extension

Marans Chicken Club USA

Barry Koflers Feathersite

American Poultry Association

Texas Marans

Blue Marans Club




Marans eggs
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Black Copper cockerel
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Black Tailed Buff chick
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Wheaten rooster
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