Many breeders contact Bev to ask questions about Marans. Here are some of the questions she has been ansewring recently
How do I increase the egg color?

A Select a male that comes from a known dark egg laying line and set the darkest of eggs. It's easy to see what a female will produce but not with a male. Egg colour can be lost because the male doesn't pass on the dark egg genes.

What are side sprigs?

Side sprigs are caused by a combination of two dominant genes and both have to be present in the parent for the sprig to be seen. If one bird carries the gene and the other doesn't then a sprig will not be seen but it doesn't mean that the bird doesn't carry the gene.

How can I get rid of blue shanks in my birds?

The gene for blue shanks is recessive and sex linked which means the father can give it to both his daughters and sons but the mother can only give it to her son. If you cross a male with blue shanks to a female with white shanks all the daughters will have blue shanks and the sons will carry one set of genes for white shanks and one set of genes for blue shanks. If you then cross the son to the mother you will get some chicks that have white shanks.

Why do my eggs have blood spots?

A Blood spots are caused by a small blood vessel in the oviduct.

How does the blue gene work?

If you breed a hundred birds this is the ratio you will get

Blue x Blue 50% Blue 25% Black 25% Splash

Black x Blue 50% Blue 50% Black

Blue x Splash 50% Blue 50% Splash

Splash x Splash 100% Splash

What are the show points when judging a bird?

The show points are as follows

12 Back

3 Beak

8 Body and fluff

10 Breast

5 Comb

10 Condition and vigor

4 Earlobes

4 Eyes

6 Neck

4 Skull and face

4 Symmetry

8 Tail

2 Wattles

4 Weight and size

8 Wings