Golden Salmon

Genetic code = e+/e+ s+/s+ Id/Id W/W Pti1/Pti1

My golden salmon line was started in 2006 from some eggs given to me while visiting Yellowstone National Park. I arranged to meet a breeder from Montana and could have spent the whole day talking about Marans.

I tried to improve the egg color by crossing them with wheatens. This may have been a mistake because the chicks grew up with the red characteristics carried by the autosomal red gene. This may have come from the breeder's eggs or my own wheatens. At first, the cross didn't darken the egg color significantly but, with selective breeding, the egg color is now one of my darkest. The autosomal red is still a problem but think I may have found a solution. It will take another year of breeding to find out.

To get rid of the effect of autosomal red I crossed the golden salmon male with a cuckoo female and so far it has worked but may show itself in future breeding, only time will tell if it did work.

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Golden Salmon Chicks

Golden Salmon Female