Black Copper

Genetic code = ER/ER s/s Ml/Ml Mh/Mh Id/Id W/W Pti1/Pti1

It was the introduction of the black copper male from the Denis LaBelle line that made all the difference. Every question had been asked about this bird before he was purchased but, when he arrived, he didn't have a single blade comb. Nevertheless, he was bred to the birds that I had and produced some very nice large black pullets. Some of the female offspring were completely black. After a while I culled all the black birds and I lost egg color. Then the bobcat had a tasty meal and I had to start the whole breeding program again. Despite these mishaps, the black copper line is now back to where it was with the females having nice copper hackles and they are producing very nice eggs once again.

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Black Copper Female

Black Copper Rooster

Black Copper Female