Genetic code = E/E  Ml/Ml Id/Id W+/W+ Pti1-L/Pti1-L

The black line is my second attempt at breeding for a black bird. The first line was progressing nicely when we started noticing that the soles of their feet were yellow. This came from a recessive gene that two of the birds were carrying. I always set the darkest egg in the hope of improving the egg colour but the darkest eggs can also carry other recessive genes. This is how the yellow feet began appearing. My second attempt was to breed a cuckoo female to a black copper male. At first some of the chicks carried the Ks gene for slow feathering. As I continue to breed, I see fewer chicks carrying this gene. Some breeders like the slow feathering gene because they say they get better feather quality. In my initial breeding the males had a small amount of gold in their hackles but now they are a solid black. The egg is a rounded in shape and occasionally reaches a number seven on the egg chart. This line is one of my favourites.

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Black Hen

Eggs from Black Marans

Black Female

Chick from Black Marans

Eggs from the black Marans