Bev's Marans

Copper Blue

Genetic code =   ER/ER   s+/s+   Bl/Bl   Mh/Mh   Id/Id   w+/w+   Pti1-L/Pti1-L

The copper blue line was started in 2004 when a blue cuckoo appeared in a flock of cuckoos. Two females were bred from that one bird and they were sent to me to develop a new line. At the time the genetic gene pool of Marans was very small so bred the blue female to birchens that I had been breeding for some years. After a black copper male was bought from the Denis LaBelle line the copper blue line started. I had seen a picture of a copper blue Marans and that was the color I wanted more than any other.

Many generations later the bird is now laying some of the darkest eggs but the main fault is white in the tail of the male. This is something that I will be working on this next year.

The copper blue is one of the largest Marans we have and from this line I have increased the bird size in other varieties. It has been difficult to get the gold in the females hackles but we are now seeing more females that are nicely colored.

Blue Copper rooster
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Blue Copper hen
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Blue Copper chick
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Blue copper hen
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